Puthukulangara Sree Bhadrakali Temple Trust by xthree solutions nedumangadu Thiruvananthapuram

Welcome to Puthukulangara Temple

                             Puthukulangara was a remote and underdeveloped countryside village long ago. People were mainly farmers rearing cattles. It was believed that Kali Devi was omnipresent in the village looking after them, their grievance and protecting them. In addition to this, Ganapathy, Yogeeswaran, Nagar and lots of other deities had been worshipped by them. Their faith in the Kali Devi increases day by day. They had been talking experiences of relief and fortunes to their life. They passed on the belief on Devi Kali to the next generation. They believed firmly that Kali Devi is with them. The stories and experiences related to Kali Devi spread to the neighbouring villages. The neighbouring people began to come to Puthukulangara Devi temple to offer their praise and receive the blessings

Devi Kali became more powerful, more spreading and more firm. At this stage, a total change in the style of the temple architect was done with the advice of the astrologers and thanthri, the devotees decided to expand the temple and its premises making it to the need of the days. They did it by giving proper places for sub deities in the temple. As a result of all these innovations people’s faith grew day by day, the stories of their incredible experiences spread to the neighbouring places. The people from distant places began to visit the temple making it more and more famous. In short the place developed to a place of pilgrimage as we see it today.



Puthukulangara Sree Bhadrakali utsavu, the well known temple festival commences on Makayira day in 'Kumbha' month every year (in between February last and march 1st). The festival is a high spirited in the piety heart of the natives who become a part and parcel of the epoch making celebrations from the beginning to the end. The pious soul of the village people will be merged into the rhythmic moments of the ten days.

Beginning of a Festival

The most celebrated festival begins in Kumbha month on Makayira day. Palliyunarthal, Nirmalyam, Ganapathy homam, Usha pooja etc. are conducted on the same day morning.